Thursday, March 3, 2011

gnome love

We took the kids to see Gnomeo & Juliet today. It's a really great movie! I was in love with it... mostly because I was already in love with gnomes. I really appreciated the cuteness and the "realness" of the characters. They each seemed like they were gnome characters I may have seen somewhere before. Some had scratches or chipped paint. Each movement was accompanied by clanking and ker-plunking, just like concrete sounds. Most of all, the little creatures just seemed to come to life. It got me to thinking about when I was a little girl and would go looking for hallowed logs or door-like knots at the bottoms of trees so I could imagine a gnome living in his home. And then I was thinking of all the gnomes in our home...

Of course, I dressed my first-born son in a gnome outfit for Halloween when he was two. He didn't have an opinion yet! So he was my own little woodland creature come-to-life. I got this outfit idea from Family Fun, and the kids are still having fun with it for dress-up:

I made this hot pad to hang in our kitchen. It's just a simple applique:

My sister gave me this Parker Bros. board game for my birthday last year. She found it in an antique mall and couldn't pass it up. And really, who wouldn't?

My mom found this little felted duo from World Market. I would like to try to felt them some more friends some day:

And this, my Travelocity gnome, is who started it all. He has been sitting somewhere hidden in the landscaping every summer for the last six years:


  1. such a unique hobby of collecting gnomes! i love it!

  2. Love your collection! I wondered if the movie was good. :)

  3. and i thank you for travelocity gnome tip, as i've had mine in my office for a few years now...along with two others gnomes. and that's just my office! (i love them, too:)

  4. Thanks, guys! I was hoping you'd see this, Lis. :)