Thursday, October 20, 2011

t-shirt scarf

I saw this post from DIY Projects, and I knew I had an old shirt in my stash drawer, just waiting to be repurposed.
  1. Cut your tshirt along the width, in 1-1/2 - inch strips to make circles up to the arms. She suggests using a size L or XL, but mine was a medium and worked just fine.
  2. Cut two strips, 2 x 5 inches.
  3. I used the upper portion of the shirt to make a flower. Click here for a tutorial for flowers.
  4. Stretch your circle strips so that they curl and are big enough to be a scarf around your neck, four or five at a time. Make sure to make them the same size.
  5. Tie the 2 x 5 strips around the scarf on two sides.
  6. Sew on flower.
Now, to find some more old shirts...


  1. I love this post! I saw it and instantly wanted to make a scarf! I ended up making one at work during my lunch break. I love it! You're so crafty!

  2. Thanks! You are pretty crafty yourself. :)