Friday, January 20, 2012

Alex's Cheese & Broccoli Soup

I'd like to start profiling the people in my life who have had great impact on my creativity and who I am today. Each week I'll tell you a bit about the specific person and include a picture of them, what they've created, and why I love them.

This is my husband. He, among several other great things, is a wonderful cook. He did most of the cooking the first four years of our marriage, mostly because he was home before I was in the evenings. After he finished school, I stayed home with Elliott full time for the first time. Alex spent the next four years teaching me to cook. I love it whenever he gets a chance nowadays to work his kitchen magic.


Alex's Cheese & Broccoli Soup:
1/4 c. flour
2 c. milk
1/4 c. butter
2 c. chicken broth
chopped onion
chopped carrots
chopped broccoli
8 oz. cheese, nutmeg

Cook onion in butter. Add broth and the rest of the vegetables. Boil and simmer 20 minutes. Pour contents in blender or food processor. Mix and return to pot. Whisk together milk and flour, then add soup. Add cheese and nutmeg. Warm through.


Besides cooking, Alex is super creative in other areas. He's loves playing his guitar and is constantly making up new songs (silly and not). For Christmas, he and the kids wrote a song about me and recorded a video of them all singing it. It was definitely my favorite present! He always tries to make life fun. He makes me a better person. I so love him.


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