Saturday, February 4, 2012

grandpa's woodworking

My grandpa was the king of DIY long before I knew what DIY even meant. Need a book shelf? Grandpa could make you one. Need a stool? Grandpa could make you one. A doll house? A deck? A screened-in porch? A shed? A roof repair? Any other conceivable repair? How about a box with a heart-shaped hole, which is also conveniently the perfect size to hold all your dubbed cassette tapes? He's got it covered. I have several Christmas memories that involve Grandpa pulling out a cardboard box from a side room, wide-grinned, ready to give every grandchild a one-of-a-kind, hand-made-with-love wagon, sled, piggy bank, or bird house.

The best thing about Grandpa is that he loves to create, loves to fix problems, and loves to help. I'd like to think I've gained these qualities from him. And if I would tell him that, I know he'd squeeze my hand and smile in loving approval.

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