Saturday, February 5, 2011

rainbow jello

Oftentimes when I am cruising around craft blogs, my kids will want to sit on my lap and look at the photos with me: "Mom, can you make that?" When I found this post on Manhattan Craft Room about making layered, multi-flavored and rainbow-looking jello, Elliott I and both decided that we should try it out.

I think it worked out pretty well! The Manhattan Craft Room recipe calls for nine different packets and flavors of jello. I only used five. It took the entire afternoon as it was, and I didn't think I would have the patience for nine layers. As it turned out, I messed up the timing on the very last layer. Luckily, that layer was on the bottom and was covered up quite nicely by the other perfect layers. The scariest part, by far, was flipping it onto the plate at the end. But it turned out just fine. And Elliott was pretty happy with it, too.

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