Saturday, March 26, 2011

upcycle: shirt pillow

This was a shirt that didn't fit me well any more. I liked all the detail pleats and lace on it, and had the idea to make it into a pillow. Because of the buttons, it was the quickest and easiest pillow case I've ever sewn!

  1. Find a shirt that you think would make a good pillow. Any shirt can make a pillow--but a button-up shirt sews really fast and easy.
  2. Center, measure, and cut a good-sized square through both sides of the shirt.
  3. Right sides together, sew three sides of the square. Stop here for a moment, reach inside and unbutton about three buttons. Finish sewing the fourth side.
  4. Reach through the open buttons and pull the pillow case right-side-out. Stuff in a pillow of the same size and button it up!


  1. AWESOME idea! how simple that must be! i will keep this idea in the vault. if I hadnt just finished my third new pillow yesterday i'd probably be trying it now! cute.