Friday, May 27, 2011


Is it strawberry time yet? We recently went on vacation to the mountains in North Carolina. While we were on our way to find some waterfalls, we drove by a local farmers' market, and stopped to get our picnic lunch. What we got there were the reddest, juiciest, and by far the best fresh organic strawberries I'd ever had! Now I am just waiting for those little berries of goodness to be ripe in Northern Indiana.

Last year was the first year I'd ever tried canning. When approaching the idea with a friend of mine who's had lots of experience, she suggested freezer jam. I have to admit that I was suspicious, and a little disappointed (just because I was all ready to learn how to "can" in the traditional sense.) But oh my, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the end results!

As we're in transition these next few weeks, I'm not sure I'll have enough time for freezer jam this year. But I am definitely making plans for strawberry shortcake, strawberry-rhubarb pie, chocolate-dipped, and eating lots of them just plain. Do you have any favorite recipes involving strawberries?

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